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Here at CrossFit Napier we know full well how challenging, exciting and at the same time scary it is to start something new. Rest assured our team of passionate and qualified coaches are here to help and guide you along with our amazing CrossFit Napier community.  

If you're new to CrossFit you'll need to attend one of our On-Ramp programs. Come along and be coached in the Fundamental Movements of CrossFit over a 2 week period that affords all athletes 6 1 hour classes. These session are dedicated to installing the key movement patterns and execution understandings in an environment that's small, optimal and fun.While learning these key components all athletes will see their base fitness level elevated so that regular classes can be joined once complete. 

All prices are monthly payable in advance unless specified

Unlimited - Fortnightly
Limited - Fortnightly


Unlimited - Weekly
Limited - Weekly


Drop In
Concession Card (12 Visits)
Trial Class



Services (Fire / Ambulance / Police / Army)
Couple -  Unlimited
Couple - Limited
Full Time Student - Unlimited
Full Time Student - Limited
Full Time Student Concession Card


Not sure if CrossFit is for you? Be sure to contact Les and try a trial session. For your first session we'll need a completed Waiver Form, which you'll find below. 

Visiting Napier? Please contact us in advance of your preferred class. 



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