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Les Holland - Owner / Founder

Having stumbled upon CrossFit 8 years ago it has become a staple in all my training. 

As an enthusiastic runner, a dedicated father and full time comedian the last 6 years at CrossFit Napier have been a blast. 

There is nothing quite like seeing the smiles on athletes faces when they soar beyond what they thought were limits, or indeed enjoy the punchline of a bad Dad joke : half a decade into this coaching journey and I know I've only just begun.

Waka Petera - Owner / Founder

I have a beautiful wife in Amanda Petera who is a PE teacher at a local Girls High school– we have 2 children- Xavier (9) and Peyton (6)

We fell in love with not just what CrossFit had done for our fitness levels, but also what it does for you mentally and the great people you meet along the way.  My wife had just come through Breast Cancer, Chemo and delivering a baby all at the same time, which lead us to opening our own Box.
Going through this made us think what was really important to us in life and CrossFit came out on top (second) family first!  So we decided to do the Level 1 Certificate and open here in Napier aka ‘The Nox‘. CrossFit to us is about trying to be the best that you can be , in a safe and supportive atmosphere.


Zedd Wyatt - Young & Indestrucible

As a personnal trianer for the last 3 yers and now as a qualified CrossFit Coach my mission is simple : 
To help create a healthier, happier and progressive lifestyle for those willing to try.  Being a part of a persons journey to not only physically change themselves for the better but mentally too is a ride I'll forever be thankful for 

Nick Tonks - Master of the Pain Face

My wife Amy and I moved to Napier in 2015 and were looking for somewhere to exercise. 

My wife wanted to try CrossFit so we came along, did the on-ramp, and have been hooked ever since. After a couple of years I wanted to share my love for fitness so I gained my Level 1 Cert and joined the awesome team at The Nox. 

I have enjoyed coaching and training along side these amazing people ever since. I hope to continue to grow as a coach, and as an athlete, who loves to compete. I also love spending time with my wife, son Oliver and dog Leo



Amy Morgan - Gym Mum

I started at The Nox in early 2017 after realising I needed something more than what I was getting at my previous gym and it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am challenged daily, both physically and (maybe more importantly) mentally, by our coaches and programming and feel the constant support from every single member.

As my confidence in myself and passion for CrossFit grew, I decided to complete my CrossFit Level 1 in January 2018 and I was lucky enough that the stars aligned and I joined the coaching team shortly thereafter. 

I love being a part of the best hour of our members’ days and sharing in their progress and successes - I’m a big fan of hitting the PB buttons!!

CrossFit Napier is my happy place - I don’t know what I would do without it and all the wonderful people that walk through its doors.

Maaka Lawson - Ahuriri Fitness GOD!

My CrossFit journey began as a 122kg unmotivated couch potato.

A great friend literally dragged me off the couch and hauled me in to the local CrossFit Box in Gisborne.

Not long after that the changes begun, mentally and physically, I was a new person. It was fair to say, I was hooked.

After 2 years of CrossFitting in Gisborne I moved back home to Napier and joined up with CrossFit Napier.

For me the best thing about CrossFit is the huge emphasis on community spirit. Every box you visit around the country and around the world is the same. The high 5s, the banter, the encouragement from not only your coaches but your peers is something you can't find in any other fitness environment.

The next part of my fitness journey has lead me to coaching and promoting the sport of fitness. I have gained my level 1 CrossFit certificate and I am studying towards my personal trainer certificate. The opportunity to coach, motivate and push each and every one of you to reach your goals is exciting.

See you in class soon team!!! 



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