CrossFit Napier the House of L.A.W

CrossFit Napier (AKA The Nox) provides you with a fitness  journey unsurpassed. We shy away from referring to our box as a ‘gym’ because of the false impression that tends to denote. We don’t have machines, we don’t have mirrors and we don’t have citrus smelling shower gels that tone while cleansing*. In fact, we don’t even have a shower! Wait wait wait - That was when we started, now we do have showers, two real big flash ones that we’ve spent the last 2 months (and many $’s) installing for you – now please use them! Our treasured point of difference is the community of like-minded people aiming to excel at life through improved fitness. It’s that community, alongside professional coaches and your own self-belief, that provides motivation and a degree of competition to push you further than you ever thought possible – with results!

The Nox program is scalable to suit every existing level of fitness and will accommodate the fit and not-so-fit in equal measure. If you have the heart we have the box, lets get started!

“Its not about being exclusive – its about being inclusive”