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We are delighted to be working with the sole distributor in Asia Pacific of the BLACKROLL and WRIGHTSOCK products. In addition you'll find we stock all the gear a hardy CrossFitter can't live without! 

IA Speed Ropes



What is it?

An ultra-fast version of the traditional skipping rope for double-unders and conditioning work.  The Cable Speed Rope's handle has a steel shafted, bushing design that allows a smooth rotation on every jump. The flared handle is extended to 18cm to provide a greater turning radius and increasing rope speed with little to no extra effort. The cable is 3mm steel wire with a nylon coating and the 3m length is easily adjustable by cutting the cable to desired length.  The rope comes in black on black handles. 
Flared handle extended to 18cm (providing a greater turning radius and increased rope speed)
Cable: 3 metre, 3mm steel wire with nylon coating
Black rope, black handles
 What’s its best use?

A thicker gauge rope than the ‘Nitro’ for increased durability and resilience. Offer excellent value for a quality, multi-purpose or conditioning rope.The Origin of the name is from the Black Hawk helicopter, that has provided decades of reliable service to military operators all over the world.

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